Viewing events for cloud resources

In the operator console, the server that is monitoring the infrastructure or the Child Server in a multi-server deployment displays a list of events associated with the cloud construct in your cloud environment. Events are available for cloud components and not for cloud resources such as Locations, Pods, Network Containers, and Compute Pools. For more information about the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management environment, see the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management documentation.

The list of events is based on the value you select from the Events Scope drop-down list. The Events Scope drop-down list contains the following options:

  • Direct(self)
    Displays events for the selected node only and not the child nodes under it.
  • Impacting
    Displays only the impacting events for a selected node. By default, a non-impacting relationship exists between two cloud constructs.
  • All Events (Self and Providers CIs)
    Displays events for the selected node and the child nodes under it.

The columns displayed in the event information for cloud resources are the same displayed for other components such as devices and configuration items (CIs). For detailed information about these columns, see Viewing the default event list for Event Collectors in the operator console.

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