Viewing a service component's SLM agreements

You can view the status of an SLM compliance target for those components associated with a service agreement.

You can launch the Service Level Management Console by right-clicking on a component and selecting the task that you want to perform.

To find components with an associated SLA

  1. If the Find Service Component section of the navigation pane is not open, click Show Find on the toolbar of the Service Editor tab.
  2. In Class, if you want to select components of a specific type, select a component type, such as Computer System, application service, database, and so on.

    If you select Base element, all service components for all types are returned.
  3. In Name contains, to select a subset of components by name, enter a comparison value.
  4. Select In SLM Agreement to find the components associated with an SLA.
  5. Click Find.
    All components matching the search criteria appear in Results.
  6. Drag the service component to the Service Model View.

To view or modify an SLA associated with a component

  1. Click a component in the Service Model View with an SLM status indicator. For instructions on how to view a component, see To find components with an associated SLA.
  2. Click the SLM tab below the Service Model View.
  3. To view SLM information, click Compliance Details.

    The component Compliance View Dashboard is displayed, which is view only. The component Compliance View shows all configuration items (CIs) associated with an Agreement. For each component, you can view the Service Target measurement status and the Agreement compliance status related to the component.

    If you want to modify or view a SLM agreement or a service target when you are viewing the Dashboard, click the SLM Console tab in the SLM application, then select an agreement from the list to view in the Agreement form.

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