Using the BMC Event Log Adapter for Windows

The BMC Event Log Adapter for Windows (BMC ELA) is installed separately from the other BMC Event Adapters and does not use the engine manager process, the mcxa.conf file, or the file. Instead, it runs as a service. BMC Software recommends that you use this adapter process for monitoring the Windows Event Log instead of the Perl Event Log Adapter for Windows.


The BMC Event Log Adapter for Windows runs as a service. It reads events generated on Microsoft Windows operating systems, formats them into the BAROC language, and forwards the events to the cell.

Event gathering occurs from three basic event logs maintained by the Microsoft Event Log service: system, application, and security. The Windows 2003 platform provides these additional event logs — DNS Server, File Replication Service, and Directory Service. The adapter can automatically discover these event logs, so if new event logs are defined, basic events are produced.

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