Troubleshooting the cross launch to BMC Atrium CMDB

You can set up and debug the cross launch to CMDB.

Before you can set up the cross launch, ensure that the following are in place:

  • You must use the correct input credentials installation or when using the pw cmdb credentials command
  • The BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server must have some CIs synced from CMDB
  • Ensure that the Default Web Path attribute is set in the AR Server. If this attribute is not set, the launch options are displayed in the tools menu but the cross launch does not work.

To set the Default Web Path

  1.  Log in to Mid Tier and click the AR System Administrator Console.
  2.  Click Server information.
  3.  In the Server information page, click Advanced and add the Default Web Path attribute, as in the following example: <PROTOCOL>://<MID-TIER HOSTNAME>:<MID TIER PORT>/arsys

  4.  If the AR Server name is attached with a domain name, ensure that the AR Server name is added to the Add server page in Mid Tier.

To add the AR Server to a domain name

Perform the following steps to add the server to a domain name:

  1.  Log in to the Mid Tier configuration tool by using <PROTOCOL>://<MID-TIER HOSTNAME>:<MID TIER PORT>/arsys/shared/config/config.jsp. The default password is arsystem.
  2.  Click AR Server Setting and then click Add Server.
  3. In the Add server page, add the AR Server name with a fully qualified domain name. The default admin password is aradmin
  4. The cross launch option can launch into the respective destinations. If not, check the Federation.log and ProactiveNet.log files in the pronto/logs directory.

To debug the cross launch option

  1.  In the pronto/logs directory, find and review the Federation.log and the ProactiveNet.log files.
  2.  If you notice the following error message, check the UDDI user name and password (both are case-sensitive):
    Stderr 700100 dk.itst.uddi.client.exceptions.UDDIException: Authentication failed: Login Failure: all modules ignored
  3. If you notice the following error, check the UDDI host name:

    Stderr 700100 dk.itst.uddi.client.exceptions.UDDIException: org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: Connection refused

  4.  If you notice the following error, check all the services that are related to web services in CMDB:

    com.proactivenet.cmdb.UDDIRegistryException: dk.itst.uddi.client.exceptions.UDDIException: org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: Transport error: 404 Error: Not Found

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