Troubleshooting BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management integration with Infrastructure Management

This section lists some issues you may face when integrating BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management with Infrastructure Management and the workarounds to resolve these issues.

I do not see cloud constructs under the Cloud Resources node on the operator console

  1. Verify the Token IDs of the clusters and hosts created by the BMC PATROL Adapter in the GroupDesc table on the Child Server in which the Data Collection Host is being configured.
    For the SAP SQL Anywhere database, run the following command from the pw command prompt:
    sqli "select groupname,ci_token_id from groupdesc"
    For the Oracle database, run the following command from the pw command prompt:
    runjava scripts.runsqli “select groupname,ci_token_id from groupdesc"
    The format of the token ID is as follows for the cluster:
    BMC_Cluster:<FQDN of the vCenter host>:<managed object ID>
  2. Verify the token ID formed by the Central Server in the ctaclm.log file by searching for the following line:
    Received routing info RoutingInfo ID TOKEN_ID Value: <value>
    For example, Received routing info RoutingInfo ID TOKEN_ID Value:
  3. Check that the token ID formed by the BMC PATROL Adapter is the same as that formed by the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server. If the IDs are not the same, then include the token ID in the hosts file of the Central Server and restart the Central Server.
    For example, if the vCenter host’s FQDN in the token ID, then include the following in the hosts file:
    <IP address of the vCenter>;

Can I connect multiple BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Servers to BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management?

No. Only one instance of the Central Server can be configured with BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management to consume cloud topology.

I do not receive notifications from BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management for any cloud topology components

Check the status of the cloud topology integration. To do this:

  1. Run the pw cloudtopologyintegration status -a CLM command.
  2. Verify the status of the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management adapter by the output of this command. For example, CLM Cloud Adapter is in running state.
  3. If the status shows that the adapter is not running, then run the following command:
    pw cloudtopologyintegration on --a CLM
  4. If the status shows that the adapter is running, then verify that the Callout URLs registered belong to the same Central Server.
  5. If the Callout URLs belong to a different BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server, then connect to that BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server and run following command to remove the Callouts:
    pw cloudtopologyintegration off -a CLM
  6. To register the Callout of the required Central Server, run following pw command from the Central Server:
    pw cloudtopologyintegration exec -a CLM -op registerCallout
  7. Check the status again.
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