Triage and Remediation workflows

Supported versions

The Atrium Orchestrator integration is available in version and later.

At a minimum, this integration requires BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform 7.9 to be installed. Also, BMC Triage and Remediation Solution run book version 20.17.01 or earlier must be installed. This run book is deprecated from TrueSight Orchestration Content 20.18.01 onwards.

For more information, see the following links:

  • Installing TrueSight Orchestration Platform
  • Installing the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Content


The Triage and Remediation solution run book contains the following pre-defined workflows.

  • Workflow- Agent RestartWhen the PATROL Agent stops responding, this triage and remediation workflow fixes the corrupt history,  backs up of the configuration file, and restarts the PATROL Agent.
  • Workflow- ESX Host DownThe ESX Host Down workflow is a Triage and Remediation workflow designed to monitor, diagnose, and remediate the state of a VMware ESX server and its connection with the VMware vCenter Server.
  • Workflow- Host DownThis triage-only workflow makes use of a series of ping and traceroute commands to verify whether the host specified in the event is actually down. The workflow does not attempt to restart the host.

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