Starting and stopping cloud topology consuming

By default, consuming cloud topology is enabled and the integration is configured to start automatically when you install Infrastructure Management. However, you may want to stop it to make configuration changes and then restart it again.


The integration will start only if you enabled it in the pronet.conf file.

To start or stop the service:

  1. Open a command prompt.
  2. Type in the command:
    pw cloudTopologyIntegration on|off -a <adaptertype>
    -a <adaptertype> - child adaptertype or ALL. adaptertype must be the same as specified in CloudAdapter.xml.
    You can use the pw cloudtopologyintegration list command to list all adaptertypes registered to cloud publishing in the CloudAdapter.xml file.


    pw cloudTopologyIntegration on adaptertype
    pw cloudTopologyIntegration off adaptertype

If the integration on or off commands fail, check the following:

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