Searching for provider and consumer components

Use the Related Components tab in the Service Model View to search for providers and consumers of a component in a service model.

  1. Click a component in the Service Model View. For instructions on how to view a component, see Opening a Service Model View
  2. Click the Related Components tab below the Service Model View
  3. To view impacts or causes, select one of the following Relationship types


    To view

    Providers - All

    All providers to this consumer

    Providers - Direct

    Provider components that directly impact the status of the consumer

    Consumers - All

    All consumer components associated with the provider component

    Consumers - Direct

    Components that directly consume the services of the provider component

  4. Select a Component type from the drop-down list. To view all related components regardless of type, leave the Component type set to Base Element
  5. Click Search.
    Components matching the search criteria are displayed in the Componentslist, as shown in the following figure. 

    Related components - providers search

  6. To view a component in the Components list, select the component, right-click, and then select View Service Model.
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