pw monitor

The pw monitor commands allow you to list information about and manipulate monitors.

To view help information, run the following command:

pw monitor
The following pw monitor commands are available:

  • pw monitor addgraph 
  • pw monitor list
  • pw monitor undefine
  • pw monitor version


    BMC recommends that the name and IP address of all hosts be configured on the DNS server. If there is no DNS entry corresponding to a particular host, some or all of the Infrastructure Management actions might fail.

pw monitor addgraph

The pw monitor addgraph command is used to add the graphs of a specified monitor to an existing view.


For non-administrators, or users without root access to the operating system, this command will be executed on all monitors for which the user has access.

The syntax for the command is as follows:

pw monitor addgraph -f filter -v viewName [-n graphName>] [-y]
  • filter is the filter used to qualify the monitors whose line graphs are to be added to the view, which is a set of key=value pairs. The keys can be group, agent, or device combined with either mtype, mname or both.

    -f group=Action, mtype=WebURL, mname=Hotmail
    -f agent=BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server, mtype=SolarisProcess
    -f device=, mname=WebLogicFirstFloor

    For information about mtype-based filters, see mtype.

  • viewName is the name of the existing view to which the line graphs (of all the default attributes of all the monitors that were matched by filter) are to be added.  The format for view must be folder-type-viewname/graph-type-viewname if the view is a nested view, that is, the view name must be fully qualified.
  • graphName is the name of the graph to be added to the view. This argument is ignored if more than one monitor instance is matched by filter.
  • The -y option creates a new view if the view mentioned in the viewNameargument does not exist. If the view already exists, then this argument is ignored.


    You must not delete or rename the view from the Operations Console while executing this command.

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