pw itxmlgenerator

This command generates an XML file from a Tivoli Object Definition Interchange (ODI) file, where attribute groups and attributes are defined, for use as a specification file with the adapter for IBM Tivoli. 

Copy the ODI file from the Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server (TEPS) to the Server before you run the command. Run the command from the installationDirectory\pw\pproxy\PNS\lib\itxml directory.

The following figure shows the syntax for the command: 

Syntax for pw itxmlgenerator command

pw itxmlgenerator -f <odiFileName> -n <agentSpecName> -o <outputFileName.

The following table describes the parameters for the command: 

pw itxmlgenerator command parameters



-f odiFileName

Name (and path, if necessary) of the copied ODI file

-n agentSpecName

A user-defined unique name to identify the agent specifications in

-o outputFileName

Name of the XML file to be generated, including the .xml extension


pw itxmlgenerator -f dockor -n Databases_Oracle -o oracledb.xml
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