Monitoring services from the TrueSight console

TrueSight console provides you with a single pane of glass to view all the services and the real-time data relevant to these services defined in BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management. A service in the context of Infrastructure Management consists of a group of applications, middleware, security, storage, networks and other supporting infrastructure that comes together to enable a comprehensive, end-to-end business process, transaction, or exchange of information.

Viewing services

Log on to the TrueSight console and select MonitoringServices.

The following illustration provides an overview of the information that you can view and the actions that you can perform through the Services page.

Example of a Services page


You can also monitor the services using TrueOps 10.7 or latermobile app. For details, see Getting started with TrueOps mobile app.

User tasks and features

Use the Services page to perform the following user tasks:

User taskDescription and reference

Set the Services page as the landing page

From the action menu (), select Set As Landing Page. Every time you log on to the TrueSight console, the Services page is displayed by default.

Make the current page settings as your default settingsFrom the action menu  (), select Save as Preference. Every time you log on to the TrueSight console and navigate to the Services page, the settings that you last used are displayed. This feature applies to status, priority, service type, and name.
Configure CI Types as servicesFrom the action menu (), select Configure CI Types to configure different CI Types as services. For more information, see Configuring a CI Type as a service on the TrueSight console.
Change the Services page viewClick the action menu () to select the way you want to view services: View by Status, and View by Priority. For more information, see Filtering services.
Search for particular servicesClick the Search icon  () to quickly find a service. For more information, see searching for services.
Refresh the Services pageClick the refresh icon () to refresh the Services page to display any updates for the services.
Hide the quick filters to gain more display area for the services

Click the Collapse Filters icon  () to collapse the quick filters and.

Toggle between displaying and hiding the quick filters area by using this option.

Customize the Services page

Click the View Service Preferences icon () to customize the Services page to suit your service viewing preferences. These settings are individual user-based preferences and apply only to the Services page.

For more information, see Customizing the Services page on the TrueSight console

View help for the current page

Click the help icon () to launch context-sensitive help. By default, the online version of the documentation is displayed. You can also use an offline version of the documentation. For working offline, you can download an Adobe Acrobat PDF of this documentation from PDFs and Videos.

Filter the services by service typeUse the quick filters to filter the list of services by services type. For more information, see Filtering services.

Filter the services by status or priority

Use the quick filters  to filter the list of services by status or priority. For more information, see Filtering services.

Sort the services by name, service type, status or priority

Click the action menu () to select a secondary sort for the page: Sort by Name, Sort by Service Type, Sort by Status or Priority. For more information, see Filtering services.

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