Log files for web services

This section lists the different log files that are part of Infrastructure Management.

List of log files for web services

The following table lists the log files that contain information related to Infrastructure Management:

Log file nameDescriptionCorresponding debug log file name
bppmws.logRecords all activities in the web-services framework. This log file must be included in all support cases that are related to web services.bppmws.debug.log
errorws.logRecords details about the failures in the web services. This log file must be included in all support cases that are related to web services.errorws.debug.log


Records details about activities in the Single Access Point deployment that is for Central-Child servers (not Standalone servers). This log file must be included in all support cases that are related to web services that run on Central server; Central-Child registration, deregistration, heartbeat; and DSIM use cases.sapws.debug.log
bwws.logRecords details about ITDA integration.bwws.debug.log


Records details about IMData CRUD web services.imws.debug.log
statsws.logRecords the monitoring statistics data that is related to web services.statsws.debug.log
slows.logRecords details about the SLO CRUD web services.slows.debug.log
caws.logRecords details about Integration service that is related to web services.caws.debug.log
eventws.logRecords details about the Event CRUD web services.eventws.debug.log
ciws.logRecords details about the CI CRUD web services.ciws.debug.log
ctaws.logRecords details about Cloud Vista web services that are used in CLM integration.ctaws.debug.log
streamws.logRecords details about the Event Streaming related web services.streamws.debug.log

The log files are present in the \pw\pronto\logs folder. The debug log files are present in the \pw\pronto\logs\debug folder. The debug log files are available only when the debug option is enabled. For information about enabling the debug option, see Debug log files.


You can also refer to ProactiveNet.log and jserver.log files for BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server and JServer related log entries.

Subsystems of Infrastructure Management

Every log file is part of the subsystem of Infrastructure Management (bppmws subsystem). The supported subsystems of Infrastructure Management are:

  • statsws
  • ciws
  • eventws
  • slows
  • bppmws

bppmws is the gateway for Infrastructure Management, and bppmws is a subsystem on its own.

For example, the ciws.log file contains log entries of the web service APIs that manage CIs.

Configuration of log files

The log4j configuration file, bppmws.log4j.properties, located in the \pw\pronto\conf folder contains the configuration details of the log files for web services. Each bppmws subsystem is listed in the log4j file as appender name.

For example, the configuration of statsws subsystem in the log4j file is as follows:

log4j.logger.com.bmc.sms.statsws=INFO, statsws
#Subsystem is specified as statsws

#Sets the activity as false for the subsystem, which prevents from adding the entries to the rootLogger appender

#Defines the appender for the subsystem

Debug log files

By default, the debug log files are not available. You must enable them using the pw debug CLI command. You can use the following pw debug commands:

  • pw debug list
  • pw debug on|off

For information about the pw debug commands, see pw debug.


For the pw debug command, the subsystem name is always prefixed by the gateway name, which is bppmws, but you do not have to prefix the gateway name if the subsystem is bppmws.

Examples for pw debug command

The following examples explain the usage of the subsystem names for the pw debug command:

  • To enable the debug log files for the slows subsystem, run the following pw debug command:
    pw debug on -p jserver -s bppmws/slows

    slows is the subsystem for the web services. It is prefixed with bppmws which is the gateway name.
  • To disable the debug log files for the bppmws subsystem, run the following pw debug command:
    pw debug off -p jserver -s bppmws

    bppmws is the subsystem for the web services, and it does not require the prefix of bppmws similar to other subsystems.
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