Listing monitoring solution details for policies

This API uses the POST method to list information about all the monitoring solutions available in the system.

You must provide authentication credentials by using the login API before accessing the data. For information about the authentication process, see  TSWS authentication .

URL to access the solutions list API

The generic format of a URL for the list API is as follows: 




Type of protocol to send the request. BMC TrueSight Presentation Server supports HTTPS protocol by default. You can use HTTP protocol as well.


Host name of the Presentation Server.


Port number through which communication is established. By default, the HTTPS protocol is supported and the default port number is 443. If you use HTTP protocol, use the port number 80.

Request body

While running this request, you need to specify the user group name. This API lists details of all those monitoring solutions for which the user group has permissions. 

The following sample can help you understand the structure of the request body. 

Sample request body
	"userGroup": "Administrators"

Response information for the list API

A sample JSON response is as follows:

Sample request response
	"responseTimeStamp": "2018-05-04T01:00:25",
	"statusCode": "200",
	"statusMsg": "OK",
	"allSolutions": [{
		"solutionName": "pia_ag_windows",
		"displayName": "PATROL Agent For Windows",
		"versions": ["10.7.00"],
		"inputMonitorTypes": {},
		"outputCollectorMonitorTypes": {},
		"outputNonCollectorMonitorTypes": {},
		"kmlData": {}
	}, {
		"solutionName": "oracle_jre_unix",
		"displayName": "Oracle JRE - Linux and Solaris",
		"versions": [""],
		"inputMonitorTypes": {},
		"outputCollectorMonitorTypes": {},
		"outputNonCollectorMonitorTypes": {},
		"kmlData": {}
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  1. Michael Evans

    is there also a RunSQLi version of thie output?

    Nov 01, 2018 02:27