Improving performance when the navigation tree is loaded in the operator console

By default, when you open the navigation tree in the operator console, all nodes and subnodes are loaded even if a node is not expanded. If you have a large number of nodes defined in the navigation tree, you might experience a delay before all of the nodes in the navigation tree load completely. To improve the performance of the navigation tree, you can enable an option that changes the way that the navigation tree loads. When this option is enabled, a branch in the navigation tree is loaded only when it is expanded.

To enable on-demand branch loading for the navigation tree:

  1. In a text editor, open pronet.conf file in the appropriate directory for your operating system:
    • (Microsoft WindowsinstallationDirectory\pw\pronto\conf
    • (Solaris or Linux) /usr/pw/pronto/conf/
  2. Set the value of the pronet.navtree.lazyloading parameter to True.

  3. Close and save the pronet.conf file.

  4. From a command line, enter the following command: 
    pw jproperties reload

  5. If the operator console is open, refresh the browser to view the change.

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