Event policies

An event policy provides a mechanism to perform actions against events, much like rules. However, unlike rules, event policies are created by using the policy editors in the console. For instructions for using these editors and information about out-of-the-box policies, see the Infrastructure Management Administrator Guide.

Event policies also differ from rules in that the policy instance employs an event selector that allows specification of a number of events that meet selection criteria, giving the event policy greater flexibility.

The syntax for a policy class is as follows:

Policy class syntax

MC_DATA_CLASS: <policy_class_name> ISA POLICY
         <slot_name>: ECF <class_name>;
         <slot_name>: QUERY <class_name>;
         <slot_name>: <data_type> [default=<value>];

The policy entry defines the actual event selection criteria and data values to be used in the rule. The syntax for a policy entry is as follows:

Policy entry syntax 

   <ECF_slot_name>=<EVENT_CLASS_NAME> (<$Variable>) [where clause];
   <QUERY_slot_name>=<CLASS_NAME> (<$Variable>) [where clause [order clause]];

The syntax for a policy contained in a rule is as follows:

Policy in a rule syntax

<RuleType> <RuleName> :
      <policy_class_name> (<$Variable>)
      where [<expression op expression>,
      <expression op expression>]
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