Customizing log pruning parameters for the nohup.out file on Linux

On Linux systems, automatic log pruning is configured for the nohup.out file located at /usr/pw/pronto/tmp/. These parameters allow you to customize the retention and rotation of the nohup.out file. These parameters are available only with version 11.3.03 and later of Infrastructure Management.

To customize the log pruning parameters for the nohup.out file

  1. Navigate to the installationDirectory/pw/custom/conf/pronet.conf file.
  2. Based on the configurations that you want to customize, add one or more of the following parameters:

    Configuration parameterDescription

    Maximum number of files to retain before the oldest ones are deleted.

    Default value: 5


    Maximum limit (in MB) after which a new file must be created.

    Default value: 20


    Time limit (in hours) after which log pruning activities are started.

    When the TrueSight Infrastructure Management server starts, the scheduler starts running. It continues to run at a delay interval of the value provided.

    Default value: 24

  3. Save and close the pronet.conf file. 
  4. Perform one of the following actions to implement the changes made to the pronet.conf file: 
    1. Run the pw jproperties reload CLI command.
    2. Restart the TrueSight Infrastructure Management server.

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