Configuration using Administration Console and Command Line

Here is the recommended approach to configuration:

  • Use the command line, which includes functions of the Administration Console, as much as possible.
  • Use templates  to replicate monitors on many devices. This can be done by using either the Administration Console or the command-line interface.
  • Set monitor defaults at the start if you want to have non-default statistics poll intervals (for example, 1 minute.) This way, you will not need to set this in the Administration Console or the command line.
  • Ensure that the Device Type is set correctly for each device and that you have adequate monitor coverage. To make the Time Correlated Events and Probable Cause features more effective.

For more information, see

Setting monitor attributes

Monitor attributes can be set by using the following option:

To get a list of the valid attribute names for a monitor, use:

pw device help -m <MonitorUniqueName>-Alist

To see the unique monitor names for an agent, see pw monitor list.

Fully qualified attribute names

When you are adding two or more monitor types on the same command line, you must fully qualify the attribute names with the monitor unique names. Notice that the monitor and attribute names are separated by a period (.). For example:

Standard monitor attribute names

The following attributes are standard across all monitors:

Standard Attributes (Available across all monitors)




Name of the monitor instance that is displayed in the console, events, and so on


Statistics Poll Period (Integer seconds)


Statistics Poll Timeout (Integer seconds)


Configuration Poll Period (Integer seconds)


Configuration Poll Timeout (Integer seconds)


Source Agent (IP address x.x.x.x or agent name)


Target Device for the monitor to collect data (IP address x.x.x.x)


Data collection on/off (Boolean: true, false, on, off, 1,0)

Standard Attributes (Available only on certain monitors)




Username (string)


User password (password)

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