Changing the JNDI port number from its default value

By default, the JNDI component communicates using port 1100. To change it, you must add a couple of values to the pronet.conf file and change a value in the standalone-full.xml file.

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  • Take a back up of all the files before you add or change the port numbers in them.
  • Delete the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server from the TrueSight Presentation Server.
    You must add the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server again after your changes are complete. 

To change the RMI port

The following procedure demonstrates how you would change the default port from 1100 to 3000

  1. If they do not already exist, add the following properties in the installationDirectory\pw\custom\conf\pronet.conf file:
  2. In the installationDirectory\pw\wildfly\standalone\configuration\standalone-full.xml file, change the JBoss JNDI port value to the new port number.
    name="http" port="${jboss.http.port:3000}"/>
  3. In the installationDirectory\pw\server\etc\pserver.conf file, change the JBoss JNDI port value to the new port number.
  4. In the installationDirectory\pw\server\etc\pclient.conf file, change the JBoss JNDI port value to the new port number.

  5. Restart the Infrastructure Management server by using the following command: 
    pw system start

Where to go from here

Add the Infrastructure Management server as a component in the Presentation Server

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