BMC Impact Integration Web Services Data Types

This section describes the namespace definitions, and the data types of the ImpactManager.wsdl file.

Data types

The BMC Impact Integration Web Services data types consist of element declarations, simple data type definitions, and complex data type definitions. These data definitions and element declarations are defined within the < wsdl:types > section of the ImpactManager.wsdl file itself and in four imported schema definition documents.


The BMC Impact Integration Web Services use a document-style invocation, which passes literal XML documents in its message parts. The document-style invocation requires the element attribute. Consequently, the < wsdl:types > section consists mainly of element declarations.

Imported schema definitions

The ImpactManager.wsdl incorporates its own data type and element declarations and the data type definitions of four imported schema definition documents: Event.xsdBasicTypes.xsd, ImapiTypes.xsd, and ImapiElems.xsd.

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