When accessing CIs that have undefined ACLs

When Infrastructure Management is integrated with BMC PATROL, CSCIs are dynamically created in Infrastructure Management when you import the BMC PATROL monitoring solution instances. These dynamically created CSCIs initially contain undefined Access Control Lists (ACLs). Such CSCIs are accessible only to the super administrator or to a user whose user group is configured to have access to all configuration items (CIs).

Even after you reconcile with BMC Atrium CMDB, such CIs continue to have undefined ACLs. You must explicitly define ACLs for these CIs so that other users can also access these CIs.

If Infrastructure Management is integrated with BMC Atrium CMDB, BMC recommends that you define ACLs for the CIs in BMC Atrium CMDB. However, if Infrastructure Management is not integrated with BMC Atrium CMDB, you can use the administration console to define ACLs for individual CIs. If you have a large number of CIs for which ACLs have to be defined, BMC recommends using the pw acl commands to define ACLs. For more information see, pw acl.

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