Viewing predictive events in the operator console

In addition to the normal events generated after a problem arises, Infrastructure Management can also generate predictive events. Predictive events are early warning events that Infrastructure Management generates before an event condition occurs on an existing metric. Such events enable you to identify potential problems before the condition causes impacts to business services and before the end users notice the problem. The typical predictive window is three hours or less, which means most predictive events are generated up to three hours before an actual event condition would occur. Infrastructure Management treats predictive events like normal events and displays them in all the standard event screens.

Predictive events target persistent anomalies that might go undetected for most of the day (during the off-peak periods) but become serious issues at peak load periods. These kinds of problems are typically caused by configuration changes or user load shifts. For example, if you make a change to a load balancer that accidentally redirects more end-user transactions to one of the servers in the pool, that server might now have much more load than the other servers in the pool. However, this would not be obvious during low traffic periods. As the peak load period approaches, the imbalance would become more serious and the server load issue would become obvious, eventually causing an event on an end user transaction and performance or availability issues for all transactions routed through that server. In this scenario where Infrastructure Management events are used, an abnormality is generated as soon as the first change in behavior is detected, a predictive event would be generated two to three hours before any impact or before a real event condition.

Predictive events are enabled through the absolute threshold settings. The predictive algorithm leverages the hourly baseline in conjunction with the threshold setting to determine when to create a predictive event.

To view predictive events using quick filters

To view predictive events, in the Operations Console select the Options link, and then the Operations tab. Under Event Display Preferences, ensure that you select the Show Predicted Events check box. You cannot view predictive events from the navigation tree as no default event collector is available under the Global folder for them.

  1. In the filters panel, click Quick Filters.
  2. From the Event Type list, select Predictive.
  3. Click Filter.

To view predictive events using advanced filters

  1. In the filters panel, click Advanced Filters
  2. From the Name list, select one of the following out-of-the-box advanced filters:
    • Predicted Events-Active (Not Closed)
    • Predicted Events-All
    • Predicted Events-Inactive

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