Viewing and managing time frames

Use the Infrastructure Time Frames page to view and manage the time frames that can be associated with the blackout policies.

To view this page, in the navigation pane of the TrueSight console, expand Configuration and select Infrastructure Time Frames.

Fields and options on the Infrastructure Time Frames page

The following figure highlights the various fields and options that are available on the page.


Field/ Option



Main action menu

2Recurrence frequency quick filterDisplays recurrence patterns as separate buttons. Each button displays the total count of time frames per pattern.


Time frames table

Displays the properties of the defined time frames:




Unique name for the time frame. To view details about a time frame, click the name.

DescriptionA brief description of the time frame

Recurrence Frequency

The occurrence frequency and its related information for the time frame

Start TimeThe start time of the time frame

End Time / Duration

The end time or duration of the time frame. For example, end time is displayed as 13:00 and duration is displayed as 3 hours 20 minutes.

Associated Policies

The blackout policies that use the time frame.

4Time frame action menu

Displays the following options:

5Search icon

Enables you to find time frames by performing a search on their properties. The search is not case sensitive and is performed on all time frames, irrespective of any quick filter that you might have applied. 


Refresh page icon

Enables you to manually refresh the page

7Collapse or expand iconEnables you to collapse or expand the search and quick filters area to give you more display area for the time frames. You can toggle between displaying and hiding the filters area using this option.
8Create Time Frame button

A quick access button that enables you to define a time frame. For more information, see Defining a time frame for blackout policies.

To delete a time frame

  1. In the Time frames table, select the time frame to be deleted.
  2. Click the Time frame action menu and select Delete.


    You cannot delete a time frame that is used by a blackout policy.

  3. To delete multiple time frames, press CTRL and select the time frames, then click the Common action menu, and select Delete.

 To view properties of a time frame

  1. In the Time frames table, select the time frame.
  2. Click the Time frame action menu and select View. Alternatively, you can click the time frame name.

To find or view specific time frames

The Time frames table displays all the time frames. You can filter out time frames and view only specific time frames.

To do so, use either or both the following options:

  • Use the Recurrence frequency quick filter: Click a Recurrence frequency button to select or clear the filter.
  • Time frame search: Click the Time frame search icon  and enter the search text. Click the search icon again or press Enter.

Where to go from here

After you view the list of available time frames, you can perform any of the following procedures:

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