Viewing abnormalities in the operator console

Columns of event information on the Abnormalities screen




Provides basic information about the abnormality's response activity, that is, displays the current status of the abnormality. The status of an event can be one of the following:

  • Open 
  • Acknowledged 
  • Assigned 
  • Blackout 
  • Closed

Tools menu

For events originating from BMC Impact Manger (cell), this menu enables you to perform operations on an event, execute remote actions, perform probable cause analysis for the event, retrieve BMC Server Automation device history, and export the event. 
For events originating from the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server, this menu enables you to perform all the actions that you can perform on the cell events. Also, you can view graphs and parent groups, add a change entry to track the changes in your environment, and set thresholds. 
Formultipleserverdeployment and Atrium Explorer environments, this menu provides a launch point.


Determines which abnormality requires action first


Indicates the seriousness of the abnormality. In combination with status and priority, the severity level indicates the urgency of the need to take action. Severity is based on the comparison of metrics to defined thresholds. The severity of the abnormality event is Info (blue).


Indicates how closely the event relates to the probable cause of the problem


Displays the date and time when the abnormality occurred


Displays a short description of the reason for the abnormality. It might also display the following icons:

  • Action Result 
  • Notes 
  • Related Events


Displays the name of the host on which the abnormality occurred


Displays the name of the object monitoring the abnormality


The Infrastructure Management administrator can set up specific user-defined rules that can help you keep track of frequent events and their causes. For instance, if you continually receive an event and you realize that the event is triggered by a recognizable pattern, you can set up rules that replace Infrastructure Management probable cause description with specific information related to that event. In other words, you can override Infrastructure Management's generic probable cause information by attaching a rule to a specific abnormality that adds known information and domain knowledge into the system.

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