Understanding event thresholds on operator console

Thresholds define acceptable high and low values for the data collected. You can set thresholds for each attribute for each monitor type, and events are generated when threshold values are breached.

  • Global thresholds, established by Technology Specialists or Solution Administrators, are applied to all instances of a monitor type. 
  • Instance thresholds, set by Technology Specialists, are applied only to a specific instance of a monitor type. Instance thresholds (also known as server-side thresholds) take precedence over global thresholds and are defined in monitoring policies.  

TrueSight Infrastructure Management allows you to set abnormality thresholdssignature thresholds, and absolute thresholds. Thresholds can be created as part of a policy that can be applied to multiple monitors types on multiple PATROL Agents.

Before setting thresholds, familiarize yourself with the following topics:

Best practice

Always make global threshold changes from the TrueSight console for the following reasons:

  • The changes made at the TrueSight console are propagated to all TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server instances in your tenant.
  • Global threshold changes done at the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server-level are only applied locally and are not propagated to other Infrastructure Management servers.
  • Restarting a TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server after making the global threshold changes locally causes global thresholds from the TrueSight Presentation Server to be reapplied to the Infrastructure Management Server local changes done at the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server  before a restart are overridden.

In addition, before configuring the global thresholds settings, ensure that the monitor type exists in the TrueSight Infrastructure Manager. Suppose if it does not exist at the time of configuring global thresholds and you added the monitor type later, then either restart the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server or edit and save the global threshold settings for the monitor type again from the TrueSight console for the settings to be applied.



BMC recommends that you use the TrueSight console to manage and view these threshold configurations, as described in Managing global thresholds on the TrueSight console. Do not use the operator console to set thresholds.

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