Troubleshooting the PATROL Repository or monitoring solutions

This topic lists troubleshooting tips that you can use if you run into problems when using the Infrastructure Management PATROL Repository or single monitoring solutions.

Importing a single monitoring solution fails

When you import a single monitoring solution that is large in size (around 1 GB), the import fails with a Cannot import selected file. Ensure that the file is a valid repository or solution error message.


Increase the memory allocated to the core process. For information on tuning recommendations, see Performance tuning recommendations for the Presentation Server Open link .

  1. On the Presentation Server, navigate to the installedDirectory\truesightpserver\conf\services folder.
  2. In a text editor, open the csr.conf file.
  3. Update the value of the vm.args.system.2 property from Xmx2048m to Xmx4096m.
  4. Save the csr.conf file.
  5. Restart the Presentation Server services for this change to take effect.

A monitoring solution is corrupted or configured incorrectly

A monitoring solution installed on a PATROL Agent might not work as expected due to incorrect configuration.


Reinstall the monitoring solution to clear the configuration and replace all files:

  1. Create a new package with the version of the installed monitoring solution.
  2. Deploy the package on your PATROL Agent to overwrite and repair the installed monitoring solution.

For more information, see Deploying packages to PATROL Agents using the TrueSight console.

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