Troubleshooting the autofilled user credentials issue in a browser

The integrated password management functionality of a browser can store your user credentials when you log on to the TrueSight console and choose the option to do so.  For example, in Firefox, the Remember option.

When you are performing a task that requires user credentials, the stored credentials might appear pre-populated in fields. For example, in the Infrastructure Policy Configuration page.


  • When you log on to the TrueSight console and the browser offers you the choice to remember the logon details, always choose the option to never remember password, and then logon again.
  • If the password is already stored, remove the password from your browser’s saved password list.
  • To prevent the browser from remembering your passwords, update the appropriate browser setting. For example, in Firefox, select Tools > Options > Security, and under Logins section, clear the Remember logins for sites check box.
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