Troubleshooting remote action policy issues

The remote action policy fails to run on the agents and displays the following error message:

Error code 99:

Error Message: Invalid user specified. Please check the entry in mcell.dir.

Probable cause:

The remote action policy fails to run on the agents as the impact administrator server (ias) user credentials fetched from the JServer process were blank.


Do the following to update the ias user credentials in the credential_repository.xml file:

  1. Log in to the Infrastructure Management server administrator console.
  2. From the Tools menu, select Remote Actions > Remote Actions.

  3. Set the following property to True:
    Use Stored Login Credentials=True
  4. Go the <Infrastructure Management Installation Directory>\pw\pronto\conf directory.
  5. Open the credential_repository.xml the file, and ensure that the userid for the ias_user group is set to bppmws_internal. If the userid is not set bppmws_internal, run the following command to add a credential record:

    iadmin -acr userorgroup=ias_user:credentialId=bppmws_internal

    To know more details about adding credential records, see Managing credential records for applications on remote systems.

  6. Restart the Infrastructure Management server.

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