Managing the repository and packages

As an administrator, you can select monitoring installation components, such as the BMC PATROL Agent and monitoring solutions, to create a deployable package. The monitoring installation components can then be installed together using the deployable package. You can reuse the deployable packages, or deploy the packages to multiple computers.

After creating a deployable package, you can save the package for future use, or save and download the package on the current host. For saved packages, you can download and install the package on any host, or edit a package.

Perform one of the following steps:

The Repository page in the TrueSight console lets you manage deployable packages and monitoring solutions.

The following steps summarize the process to deploy packages on PATROL Agents:

  1. Import the Infrastructure Management PATROL Repository.
  2. Create a deployable package.
  3. Deploy and install a deployable package:
  4. View the deployment and installation summary.

User tasks and features

To view all the tasks that can be performed from the Repository page, see the following topics:

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