Managing the deployable packages


Deployable packages consist of monitoring installation components, such as the BMC PATROL Agent and monitoring solutions. The monitoring installation components can then be installed together using the deployable package.

As an administrator, after creating a deployable package, you can save the package for future use, or save and download the package on the current host. For saved packages, you can download and install the package on any host, or edit a package.

Working with the deployable packages

As an administrator, to monitor your environment, you need to create deployable packages that you can deploy and install to PATROL Agents. You can include single or multiple monitoring solutions in a deployable package. For more information, see Creating deployable packages.


To monitor the disk space and CPU usage on a Windows computer, you need to create a deployable package that includes the BMC PATROL for Microsoft Windows Servers monitoring solution. From this monitoring solution, you need to include the PATROL Knowledge Module for Microsoft Windows Operating System. When you deploy this package, you are able to monitor the disk space and CPU usage.

The Deployable Packages tab on the Repository page lets you manage the deployable packages.

The following table lists the tasks you can perform from this tab:

Filter the list of packages by operating systemSelect an operating system(s) in the filter row. To display all packages, select or clear all the filter options.
Sort the displayClick a column header to sort by that column. Click again to reverse the sort order. By default, the display is sorted by the deployable package name.
Download a deployable packageClick the icon next to the deployable package to download it.
Create a deployable packageSee Creating deployable packages.
Hide or display the filter rowTo increase the display area, click the collapse iconto hide the filter row. Click the expand iconto display the filter row.
Search for a deployable packageClick theicon and enter the search text. Search is not case-sensitive. Search covers the complete list of deployable packages and not the filtered list, if a filter is already applied.
Launch context-sensitive helpClick the icon to launch context-sensitive help.
 Resize the column widthTo resize a column width, click and drag the column header.
 View details about a deployable package

Click the deployable package name or select the deployable package and choose View from the action menu. The Installation Package Details window displays details about the deployable package that includes the following information:

Package name, operating system, platform, archive type, description, included components and their versions. The text latest in parenthesis indicates that the latest version of the component is included in the package.

 Delete a deployable package

To delete a single deployable package, select the deployable package that you want to delete and choose Delete from the action menu next to the deployable package name.

To delete multiple deployable packages, select the deployable packages that you want to delete and choose Delete from the action menu on the column header row.

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