Installing the new integration package

Here you learn to install the new integration package.

To install the new integration package

  1. Source the Open View environment. This can be done by sourcing or ov.envvars.csh. The default path for under UNIX is /opt/OV/bin.

  2. Untar the ovproactivenet.tar file. The ovproactivenet directory is created.

  3. Change directory to ovproactivenet.
  4. Run the following command:


  5. Click Y (yes) after a welcome note displays the details of the installation log, and a confirmation message to install the package appears.

    The installer tries to determine the path to the browser executable. If the executable is not found in the default path, a message is displayed to supply the complete path to the browser. After the browser path has been determined, the installer installs the required registration, executable, symbol, and icon files in the appropriate directory.

  6. After the installation is complete, restart the Open View User Interface (ovw) to activate the Infrastructure Management package.

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