Enabling tracing

You can enable tracing in one of the following ways:

  • By defining the TraceFile, TraceLevel, and TraceFileCount global parameters in the mcxa.conf file
    Additional global parameters also affect tracing.
  • By using the mcxa.cmd or mcxa.sh commands
    mcxa command options lists the command-line options that you can use to enable tracing with the mcxa.cmd or mcxa.sh commands.

Trace files

By default, the mcxa process trace file is installationDirectory\pw\server\tmp\Adapters\mcxa.trace. Each time the adapter is started, a new trace file is created and old logs are rotated.


mcxa.trace is rotated to mcxa0.trace.
mcxa<n>.trace is rotated to mcxa<n+1>.trace.

You can control the number of old log files through the TraceFileCount parameter setting in the mcxa.conf file. A value of 0 (zero) removes all old trace files. For more information and default values, see the header of the mcxa.conf file.

You can specify a different trace file in a different location by using the mcxa.cmd or mcxa.sh commands. For more information about command-line options, see mcxa command options.

Trace levels

Use the TraceLevel global parameter in the mcxa.conf file to specify the trace level that you want to use. This setting will apply to all adapters running in the adapter framework. You can specify the following trace levels:

  • 0 - Disables all traces
  • 1 - Header messages
  • 2 - Fatal messages
  • 3 - Major errors
  • 4 - Minor errors
  • 5 - Normal output
  • 6 - Verbose output


TraceLevel=6 produces very large trace files and is recommended only for debugging.

Errors and adapter events

In addition to logging errors to a log file, adapters send the cell error messages and notifications in the form of events in the following situations:

  • When an adapter starts, it sends an MC_ADAPTER_START event.
  • When an adapter stops, it sends an MC_ADAPTER_STOP event.
  • When the adapter encounters a major or fatal error in the configuration file, the adapter reports the error in the trace file according to the trace level. When the error does not come from the configuration file, the adapter reports the error to the cell whose name corresponds to the ServerName parameter of the [eventadapter90trial:default] (unnamed) section of the configuration file. The event class is MC_ADAPTER_ERROR.

Error and message events sent by the IP Adapters are described in Adapter status events.

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