Customizing the standard and custom event class slot display labels in the TrueSight console

Slots identify information within an event class. Each event class has defined slots. Some slots are common to all event classes, while others are unique to an event class. The default slots in the event list provide basic information about an event. By changing the slots presented in the event list, you can view additional pertinent information or change the order in which event data is presented. You can also customize the standard and custom event class slot display labels in the event list.

To configure standard and custom event class slots to be displayed in the event list

  1. Navigate to PresentationServerInstalledDirectory\truesightpserver\modules\tomcat\webapps\infraApp\WEB-INF\classes.
  2. Back up the en.json file and edit it.


    You can customize entries in the en.json file to change the names displayed in English. To change names displayed in other languages, back up and edit the appropriate .json file.

  3. Add event class or custom slots entries in the JSON format (as key=value pairs) as per the following syntax. 
    Alternatively, change values for existing slot or event class entries. 

    Syntax for adding custom event classes and custom slots

    • Custom event class entry syntax: "eventView.class.<className_in_lowerCase>" : "<displayClassName>"

      Example: "eventView.class.custom_ev"= "Custom Event"

    • Custom event slot entry syntax: "eventView.slot.<className>.<slotName_in_lowerCase>" : "<displaySlotName>"

      Example: “eventView.slot.custom_ev.custom_slot”= “Custom Slot”

      If the preceding syntax does not work, add a custom slot with the following syntax:
      "eventView.slot.common_slots.<slotName_in_lowerCase>" " : "<displaySlotName>"

    Note: Unless you are adding the custom event class or slot at the end of the file, ensure that you add a comma (,) after the entry.

    BMC recommends you to validate the modified .json file before saving the changes. 

  4. Restart the TrueSight Presentation Server. 
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