Customizing the Groups page

You can customize the Groups page to suit your needs.

These settings are individual, user-based preferences and apply only to the Groups page.

From the Groups page on the TrueSight console, click the icon, make the desired changes, and click Save to apply the settings.

The following table describes the settings that you can change. These settings apply only to the Tile view.

Maximum Tiles/Records to Display

Sets the maximum number of groups to display on the Groups page. When the number of groups exceeds this value, additional groups cannot be displayed. Review and refine the groups filters or search for the group.

The default maximum number of groups that can be displayed is 500. You can change the display limit by entering the following command in the command prompt window:

tssh properties set eventGroupPageCountLimit <numerical_value>
tssh properties reload


BMC recommends 500 to be the limit for the number of groups that are displayed. Increasing the limit of groups to be displayed can adversely affect system performance.

You can reduce the number of groups to be displayed to improve system performance.

Number of Tiles/Records to Display on ScrollSets the number of groups to download initially to stabilize response time. When you scroll down to view more groups, the same number of groups are downloaded and added to the displayed groups.
Show Source NameDisplays or hides the source name of the group. Applies only to the Tile view.
Show Group Type

Displays or hides the group type. Applies to both Tile view and Table view. By default, this is disabled. When enabled, the group type is displayed as follows:

  • Tile view: Group type is displayed above the group name.
  • Table view: Group type is displayed before the group name.
Show Group Type Filter

Displays or hides the non-default group filters. Applies to both Tile view and Table view. By default, this is disabled.

The default group filters are: All Groups, Manual, and Synchronized. Examples for non-default group filters are: Resource Pool, Virtual Center, and so on. You can enable this field only if you are managing and monitoring KMs.

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