Configuring global thresholds

Global thresholds are the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server-side thresholds managed from the TrueSight console.

Global thresholds make it easy for TrueSight Solutions Administrator or IT Operations user to manage the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server-side thresholds that apply at the monitor type level. Although global thresholds can be Infrastructure Management Server-side thresholds or PATROL agent-side thresholds, you can manage only the Infrastructure Management Server-side thresholds from the TrueSight console.

The global thresholds defined using the Global Thresholds view on the TrueSight console override the thresholds configured in the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server using the operator console. Global thresholds set using the TrueSight console apply to all the Infrastructure Management Servers added to the same tenant. However, the global thresholds set using the TrueSight console for the * tenant apply to all Infrastructure Management Servers across all tenants and can be overridden by the individual tenants.

Monitoring solutions and thresholds management 

Monitoring Solutions are customized objects that typically help you to manage your server environment by monitoring elements of your server environment to collect performance data from applications, databases, servers, hypervisors, cloud components, middleware, hardware, and storage. For details, see Monitoring solutions.


BMC recommends that you use the TrueSight console to manage and view these threshold configurations. Do not use the operator console to set thresholds.

Consult the following sections to learn about thresholds and how to configure them:

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