Configuring custom event class slots to be populated into the Infrastructure Management database

Perform the following instructions to configure slots of a custom event class to be populated into the TrueSight Infrastructure Management database. These instructions can help you run SQL queries on the database to get custom event data.

  1. Edit the pronet.conf file located at: 
    • (Windows) <InfrastructureManagementInstallationDirectory>\pw\custom\conf\pronet.conf
    • (Linux) <InfrastructureManagementInstallationDirectory>/pw/custom/conf/pronet.conf
  2. Add the pronet.jserver.ExtendedEventClasses property to add the custom event class name as the value.

    Example: pronet.jserver.ExtendedEventClasses=<CustomEventClass>,EVENT_INCIDENT_INFO,DEVICE_UPDATE_EV,PROACTIVE_CONF_CHANGE

    <CustomEventClass> refers to the name of the custom event class.

  3. Restart the TrueSight Infrastructure Management server by running the pw sys start command. 


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