Configuring cell exception handling

Cell exception handling is configured using the CellExceptionHandlingEnabled parameter in the mcell.conf file. By default, CellExceptionHandlingEnabled is set to Yes. This setting ensures that when an exception occurs, the cell:

  • Catches the exception 
  • Collects dump data for issue analysis, including cell trace files, cell state files and a core dump, if possible 
  • Generates an internal event to report the abnormal termination 
  • Restarts itself

The generated internal event is of class MC_CELL_ABORT, which is a subclass of MC_CELL_STOP. MC_CELL_ABORT has the following slots:

  • exception—A textual description of the exception that has been caught 
  • dump_data—The path of the file that contains the collected dump data 

 You might send the dump data to BMC Support for analysis

If  CellExceptionHandlingEnabled is set to No, when the cell encounters an exception, the cell process is terminated and can not become available until the cell process is started manually
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