Component and relationship status propagation

About component and relationship status

The status of a configuration item (CI) depends on the following factors:

  • Severity of the events attached to the CI
  • Status propagated from other provider CIs
  • Manual status set by operator

A status computation model's primary role is to associate an algorithm with each of the status computation functions. The model can be applied to one or more configuration items (CIs), enabling the cell to handle status computation appropriately for those objects.

The BMC_STATUS_COMPUTATION data class is the basis of all status computation model instances. The service model provides status computation models to support the definition of key component classes.

The following slots values are maintained by the cell:

  • Self_status: the status derived from the severities of the attached events
  • Impact_status: the status derived from the status propagated from other CIs to this CI
  • Computed_status: the status computed from self_status and impact_status (or from a no_alert_status default value in case the CI is neither impacted by an event nor by other CIs)
  • Manual_status: the status manually set by an operator (NONE if not set)
  • Status: the status of the CI that equals computed_status unless an operator has set manual_status, in which case status equals this manual_status
  • Sub_status: the highest status of any CI that directly or indirectly impacts the current CI (NONE in case the current CI has no provider CI)
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