Administering Integration Service clusters

An Integration Service cluster is an ordered collection of Integration Services. Use the Integration Service Clusters page to view and manage the clusters. You can use an Integration Service cluster in the PATROL Agent configuration of a monitoring policy and when setting up a staging policy.

The following order of tasks is recommended for handling Integration Services, their clusters, and staging policies that control how PATROL Agents connect to the TrueSight Operations Management infrastructure:

  1. Install the Integration Services Open link .
  2. Add Integration Services to the Infrastructure Management Servers.
  3. Create Integration Service clusters.
  4. Create a staging policy that connects PATROL Agents to the clusters.

This topic covers the following information:

Fields and options on the Integration Service Clusters page

The following figure highlights the various fields and options that are available on the page.

To navigate to this page, in the navigation pane of the TrueSight console, expand Configuration and select Integration Service Clusters.


Field/ Option



Main action menu


Integration Service Clusters table

Displays a list of all Integration Service clusters and their corresponding properties.




Displays the cluster name. To view details about a cluster, click the name.


Displays additional information about the cluster that is specified during its creation

Infrastructure Management Server

Name of the Infrastructure Management Server to which the Integration Service cluster is associated with

Integration Services

Names of the Integration Services in the cluster

Associated Policies

Names of the policies that are associated with the cluster

3Common action menuDisplays the Delete option that enables you to delete multiple, selected Integration Service clusters.
4Cluster action menu

Displays the following options:

5Cluster search iconEnables you to find clusters by performing a search on their properties that are shown as columns in the Integration Service Clusters table. The search is not case sensitive. 
6Refresh page iconEnables you to manually refresh the page.
7Add Cluster button

A quick access button that enables you to add an Integration Service cluster. For more information, see Configuring an Integration Service cluster.

To delete an Integration Service cluster

  1. In the Integration Service Clusters table, select the cluster to be deleted.
  2. Click the Cluster action menu and select Delete. You cannot delete clusters that have associated policies.
  3. To delete multiple clusters, press CTRL and select the clusters, then click the Common action menu, and select Delete.

To view an Integration Service cluster properties

  1. In the Integration Service Clusters table, select the cluster.
  2. Click the Cluster action menu and select View. Alternatively, you can click the cluster name.

To search for an Integration Service cluster

Click the search icon  and enter the search text. Click the search icon again or press Enter.

Where to go from here

Defining a staging policy

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