Aborting deployment of packages to PATROL Agents

As an administrator, you can abort deployments that are in Initiated or In Progress status.

Consider the following when you abort a deployment:

  • You can abort deployments that are not in the Install In Progress status. You cannot abort deployments in any other status.
  • You cannot abort a deployment if assembly of the deployable package on the PATROL Agent host is complete and the installation has begun.
  • When you abort a deployment, it applies to all PATROL Agents that the deploy and install process was initiated on.
    For example, you deploy and install deployable package PKG1 on PATROL Agents PA1 and PA2. The Deployment and Installation Summary page lists PKG1. If you abort PKG1, deployment to both PA1 and PA2 is aborted.

To abort deployments on PATROL Agents

  1. After you log in to the TrueSight console, access Configuration > Managed Devices.
  2. Click the Managed Devices action menu and select View Deployment and Installation Summary.


    Refresh the Deployment and Installation Summary screen before you abort a deployment, so that the latest status of deployments is displayed.

  3. Click the action menu for the deployment you want to abort and select Abort
    To abort multiple deployments, select the deployments you want to abort, click the action menu in the table header, and select Abort.

  4. In the confirmation window, click Yes to confirm aborting the deployment.
  5. View the completion message that indicates if the deployments were aborted successfully.
  6. The Status column displays Aborted if the deployment was successfully aborted; else it displays the status of deployment when the abort operation was initiated.
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