Quick overview

The TrueSight Cloud Cost Control product is a cost management solution that enables cloud planners to analyze the current and future costs and utilization of multi-cloud infrastructure services, and to gain insight and control over their cloud expenditures.

Gain visibility into your multi-cloud infrastructure costs

Access summarized and detailed views of the cost comparison between the cloud providers based on different dimensions such as cloud service, business service, and so on, and easily perform in-depth analysis of the current and projected cost estimates, even down to the resource level. 

Create customized cloud cost reports based on business needs

Use the flexible filtering capability to create customized cost reports that can be exported and shared as needed. For example, track the top ten most expensive resources and identify unused resources, idle resources, or all costs and resources for a specific location.

Simulate migration of servers to the public cloud

Use the simulation capability to review and analyze the future cost estimates and cost trends to decide whether you should continue to use your on-premises servers, migrate them to a public cloud, or migrate them from one cloud to another.

Product features

  • Visualize, analyze, and forecast cloud infrastructure service costs.
  • Plan, optimize, and control your cloud budgets.
  • Optimize cloud infrastructure services utilization.
  • Simulate migration of on-premises services and applications to the public cloud.
  • Report cloud cost based on stakeholder and business needs.

User roles

The TrueSight Cloud Cost Control product supports users with the following types of roles in their organization.
Product user roleDescription
Enterprise or Cloud Architect
  • Manages and monitors a disparate cloud IT environment
  • Tracks the monthly cloud costs
  • Manages the on-premises and cloud infrastructure costs
  • Resizes the instances on the public cloud
  • Estimates the operational cost of migrating to the cloud
  • Selects the best cloud provider for migration
Cloud Manager or Cloud Director
  • Plans for the cloud budget
  • Forecasts the upcoming cloud costs
  • Tracks the monthly cloud costs
  • Reviews and analyzes cost reports
IT Finance Head
  • Evaluates and assesses the cost incurred per business service or application
  • Assesses the capital expenses versus the monthly cost model in the public cloud
  • Analyzes the cloud costs and plans for the cloud budget
  • Deploys and upgrades the product, creates users, creates and assigns roles and permissions to users, ensures that the product environment is secure
  • Following installation and configuration of the product, sets up or customizes integrations for data collection

Users with these roles provide inputs to the Vice President of Infrastructure or the Chief Innovation Officer of the organization who decides the cloud migration plan and strategy, plans to reduce operational expenses, and shortlists the cloud providers by evaluating the providers' cost models and services offered.

Product documentation

The TrueSight Cloud Cost Control documentation helps new and experienced users implement or use this product. Based on your role, the following sections of the documentation are recommended:

To receive notification about product and documentation updates, all users should view and set up a watch on the Release notes and notices topic.

Each section in the documentation identifies the type of information available and links to instructions. 

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