Authorizing users to access TrueSight Cloud Cost Control

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Adding and managing roles

Adding and managing access groups

To authorize a new user to access TrueSight Cloud Cost Control

  1. Add a new user. 
  2. Add the user to the default Cloud_Cost_Control user group. 

For detailed instructions, see Configuring users and user groups .

Default user group for accessing and using TrueSight Cloud Cost Control

After you install the product, some user groups and roles are created by default.

The following table contains details about the default user group that is created for TrueSight Cloud Cost Control in Remedy Single Sign-On.

Default user groupDefault userDescription
Cloud_Cost_Control None

Users in this group can access and use the Cloud Cost Control section in the TrueSight console.


If you use the default user group, no additional mapping is required in TrueSight Capacity Optimization and TrueSight console. If you add a new user group in Remedy SSO, only then you need to map it with a user role in TrueSight Capacity Optimization. For more information, see  Managing access control .

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