This topic provides an overview of the architecture of TrueSight Cloud Cost Control.

The following illustration depicts the main architectural components. The table that follows the diagram provides additional information.


ETL modules

The ETL modules or extractors import infrastructure data such as, virtual machines, storage devices, clusters, and their associations, and cost and usage data (for public clouds). The data collected is used by the Cost Estimation service to estimate costs.

For information about the data flow in the product and to know the supported data sources, see Collecting data.


The data collected by the ETL modules is stored in the Capacity Optimization database.

Cost Estimation service

The Cost Estimation backend service uses the data collected from the ETL modules to generate the cost estimates, aggregation, forecasts, and cloud migration simulation results that are shown on the TrueSight Cloud Cost Control user interface. For more information, see Understanding the Cost Estimation service.
TrueSight consoleYou can view and work with the TrueSight Cloud Cost Control in the TrueSight console, which is hosted on the Presentation Server. For more information, see Accessing and navigating the TrueSight console.

TrueSight Cloud Cost Control shares the same underlying architecture as that of TrueSight Capacity Optimization. For more information about the shared architectural components, see TrueSight Capacity Optimization architecture. Open link

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