This documentation space contains information about PATROL Agents when deployed in a BMC Helix Operations Management environment. If you are a TrueSight Operations Management user, see PATROL Agent 20.08. Open link


This section provides information about planning, system requirements, and managing the performance of PATROL Agent.


Content overview

System requirementsInformation about the operating system requirements.
Support for IPv6Information about IPv6 support, IPv6 configuration, and dual stack environment.
Support for clusters and failoversInformation about the failover concepts, failover tolerance, and configuration of history variables.
Directory and file structure

List of the PATROL Agent directories and information about PATROL_HOME directory structure.

Support for secure store and secure key storeInformation about secure store, secure key store, and managing passwords.
Security planningInformation about supported security methods, firewall settings, access control, and permissions.
Performance benchmarks and tuning for a PATROL AgentInformation about variables and configurations for performance tuning.

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