This documentation space contains information about PATROL Agents when deployed in a BMC Helix Operations Management environment. If you are a TrueSight Operations Management user, see PATROL Agent 22.1. Open link

Uninstalling the PATROL Agent

This topic provides instructions for uninstalling the PATROL Agent, Installation Utility, and Knowledge Modules using the silent option.

To uninstall the PATROL Agent

Do the following:

Go to the Uninstall directory in your BMC product installation directory, and run the following command:

#Windows operating system
uninstall.exe -silent {Name of the PATROL Agent Image}
uninstall.exe -silent {PA_Host1}

./ -silent {Name of the PATROL Agent Image}
./ -silent {PA_Host1}

You can use the Installation Utility to uninstall only those products that were installed with the current or later versions of the Installation Utility. To uninstall PATROL Agents installed using an earlier version of the utility, you must use the specific version that you used for the original installation.

To uninstall all the PATROL components

You can use the uninstall command to uninstall KMs, PATROL Agent, and the Installation Utility that are running on the host computer using the following flag options:

  • -silent {images}: Enter a comma-separated list of image names that you want to uninstall.
  • -silent {all_kms}: Use this option to uninstall all the KMs that are installed.
  • -silent {all}: Use this option to uninstall all the BMC PATROL products that are installed.


If you initiate the uninstallation of a monitoring solution using the BMC Helix Operations Managementconsole, do not attempt to manually uninstall it from the PATROL Agent host computer.

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