This documentation space contains information about PATROL Agents when deployed in a BMC Helix Operations Management environment. If you are a TrueSight Operations Management user, see PATROL Agent 22.1. Open link

Configuring PATROL Agents to support a forward proxy server

This topic provides instructions to configure a PATROL Agent to communicate with the proxy server. 

You can set up a proxy server in your infrastructure environment so that PATROL Agents can communicate with BMC Helix Operations Management via the proxy server to create an additional layer of security. Setting up a proxy server is optional. To understand how to create a proxy server as a docker container, see Configuring a Squid proxy server.


You can configure a PATROL Agent for the forward proxy support only on Windows and Linux operating systems.

PATROL Agent uses the following variables to configure the proxy server:

  • /AgentSetup/integration/forwardProxyServer
  • /AgentSetup/integration/forwardProxyUser
  • /SecureStore/mca/tenant/forwardProxyPasswd

You can configure the proxy server in one of the following ways:

  • During the installation of PATROL Agents

  • After the installation of PATROL Agents

To configure the proxy server during the installation of PATROL Agents

While installing a PATROL Agent, you can provide the proxy server details in the RunSilentInstall install command as shown in the following example:

RunSilentInstall.exe -apikey=a3908418-a963-4e3b-91d1-0664eaf73217 -forwardProxyUser=user1 -forwardProxyPassword=user123

 For more information, see Installing PATROL Agents.

To configure the proxy server after the installation of PATROL Agents

After a PATROL Agent is installed, provide the proxy server details by configuring the following variables using the pconfig utility:

  • /AgentSetup/integration/forwardProxyServer

  • /AgentSetup/integration/forwardProxyUser

  • /SecureStore/mca/tenant/forwardProxyPasswd

The following example shows how to set these configuration variables:

PATROL_CONFIG "/AgentSetup/integration/forwardProxyServer" = {REPLACE = ""}
PATROL_CONFIG "/AgentSetup/integration/forwardProxyUser" = {REPLACE = "user1"}
PATROL_CONFIG "/SecureStore/mca/tenant/forwardProxyPasswd" = {REPLACE = "MCA/user123"}


Restart the PATROL Agent for the forwardProxyPasswd changes to take effect. 

While using pconfig utility or via installation processes, the plain text password for a forward proxy server gets encrypted when stored in the secure store.

For more information about the pconfig utility, see Using the pconfig utility to modify PATROL Agent configuration variables.

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