This documentation space contains information about PATROL Agents when deployed in a BMC Helix Operations Management environment. If you are a TrueSight Operations Management user, see PATROL Agent 21.3. Open link

Choosing an inclusive or exclusive filter

The /AgentSetup/application_name.filterType configuration variable determines the type of filter for a corresponding filter list. You must create this variable.


To exclude three instances of an Oracle database, you must create a filter type variable, "/AgentSetup/ORACLE.filterType" ={REPLACE="exclude"}, and a corresponding filter list variable, "/AgentSetup/ORACLE.filterList" ={REPLACE="ORACLE_A,ORACLE_B,ORACLE_C"}.


exclude — if discovered, do not monitor
include — if discovered, monitor

Default value


Minimum \ maximum

Not applicable


/AgentSetup/application_name.filterList specifies items (application instances) that are monitored (include) or not (exclude). Each .filterList needs a .filterType.


Create a configuration variable of this type with a different application name for each application. Valid application names are described in the KM reference manuals.

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