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Enable PSL tracing for a specified application, parameter, or process.







PSL component of a KM that should have tracing enabled This determines how the PTROL Agent will find name. Legal values are DISCOVERY, PREDISCOVERY, PARAMETER, and PID. Case is insignificant, and unique prefixes are allowed.


name of the application or parameter, or the PSL pid of the process


value to be set to the process (identified by what and name ) PslDebug variable

*Valid Values* 
any value that PslDebug can be set to


Use the trace_psl_process() function to enable PSL tracing for a specified application, parameter, or process. In previous releases, setting the PslDebug variable in the script was the only way to trace processes. 

The trace_psl_process() function provides a method to set the PslDebug variable for a particular process without having to put the assignment in the script text. The variable PslDebug is persistent across executions and is not reset when the process reinitializes. 

The function returns 1 if the call was successful and 0 if it was not. Usually, a return value of 0 means that the process could not be found.


The following examples show different settings for the PslDebug variable:

# Enable all tracing for the discovery process of the foo application
status = trace_psl_process("DISC","foo",-1);
# Disable all tracing for the pre-discovery process of the foo application
status = trace_psl_process("PRE-DISC","foo",0);
# Enable function argument tracing in foo's foobar parameter for the
# bar instance
status = trace_psl_process("PARAM","/foo/bar/foobar",1024);
# Enable variable assignment tracing and function argument tracing in
# foo's foobar parameter of the bar instance
status = trace_psl_process("PARAM","/foo/bar/foobar",1024|4096);
# Enable all tracing of the PSL process with the pid of 42
status = trace_psl_process("PID",42,-1);
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