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Start the PATROL SNMP subagent automatically

The /snmp/agent_auto_start configuration variable specifies whether the PATROL SNMP Subagent attempts to connect to the SNMP Master Agent when the PATROL Agent starts.


/snmp/agent_auto_start does not work for UNIX. If this variable is set to No or if the attempt to start the subagent fails, the PATROL platform KM's SNMPStart parameter starts the Master Agent and establishes a connection between the subagent and the master agent.

Format and type of data

Boolean, yes or no

Default value


Minimum and maximum

Not applicable




Because the PATROL SNMP Master Agent is started by the SNMPStart parameter of the appropriate OS KM, when the agent starts, the master agent may not be running and the PATROL SNMP Subagent's attempt to connect will fail. The two conditions in which the master agent might be running are:

  • Another PATROL Agent running on a different port started the PATROL SNMP Master Agent
  • Your environment uses a third-party SNMP Master Agent that runs independently of PATROL

Error message generated

When the sub-agent fails to connect to the master agent, PATROL writes the following message to the PATROL Agent error log.

ID 102071: Sat May 27 16:26:52 CCYY : Patrol SNMP subagent connection failed - Make sure SNMP Master Agent is running.

To resolve this issue, ensure that the SNMP Master Agent is running and the SNMP support is enabled as shown in the following example:

"/snmp/support" = { REPLACE="yes" }
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