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Tests for the existence of a built-in PSL function.







Name to be tested to determine if it exists as a PSL built-in function. User-defined functions are not supported.


The function returns a tuple of the following format if the specified function exists: 


where min is the minimum number of arguments the specified function accepts and max is the maximum number of arguments the function accepts. If the function does not exist the empty string is returned. This function does not set the PSL errno variable. 

The PslFunctionExists() function can be used to take advantage of new PSL functions or extended features of existing PSL functions while maintaining code paths that still work on older Agents or degrade gracefully.

PslFunctionExists() only tests for PSL built-in functions. User-defined functions are not supported.


The following PSL statements demonstrate use of PslFunctionExists().

function print_function_info (fname) {
buf = "";
finfo = PslFunctionExists(fname);
buf = buf . "PSL built-in function \"" . fname;
if (finfo != "") {
buf = buf ."()\" exists.\n";
buf = buf . "It requires at least ";
buf = buf . ntharg ( finfo, 1, "," ) . " argument(s).\n";
buf = buf . "It accepts at most ";
buf = buf . ntharg ( finfo, 2, "," ) . " argument(s).\n";
} else {
buf = buf . "()\" does not exist.\n";
print (buf);
print_function_info ("get_vars");
if (PslFunctionExists("gethostinfo") ) {
print("Host information for localhost:\n" . gethostinfo ("localhost") );
} else {
print("Sorry.gethostinfo() is not available on this version of the Agent.\n");


For additional ways of controlling execution based on available built-in PSL functions, see PslFunctionCall()

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