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Extending the ALL_COMPUTERS object class

When you are developing PATROL KMs for BMC Software certification, you are not allowed to ship, alter, or overwrite any file that is shipped by BMC Software. The only exception to this is the Standard Events Catalog file (StdEvents.ctg ). However, you may want to add menu commands, InfoBox commands, or parameters to existing objects such as the ALL_COMPUTERS KM.
If you want to make modifications to the ALL_COMPUTERS KM, you must create a new KM file that defines your commands and parameters for the ALL_COMPUTERS object class. Your KM file will merge your commands and parameters into the ALL_COMPUTERS KM.
There are a couple points to consider about creating your KM file to merge with the ALL_COMPUTERS KM:

  • Your KM file must have a different file name than the ALL_COMPUTER.KM file.
    For example, you can create a MY_ALL_COMPUTERS.KM file that contains your ALL_COMPUTER commands and parameters.
  • You mustmanually create or edit your KM, because the PATROL Developer Console will not accept two computer classes with the same name. How you create your KM will depend on your experience with PATROL and your knowledge of the PATROL KM file syntax. There are several ways to create the KM file manually:
    • Create the entire KM file manually in a text editor
    • Create the ALL_COMPUTERS definition and then copy command and parameter text from other KMs
    • Create the commands and parameters in a KM using the PATROL Developer Console, and then edit the KM file to replace the APPLICATION with the ALL_COMPUTERS computer name.

Example KM file

The following figure shows a KM file that adds submenus and a command to the ALL_COMPUTERS KM menu. Knowledge Module menu commands shows the menu structure created by the following example: 

 Sample KM file for adding a command to ALL_COMPUTERS 


When you manually edit a KM file, you must change the check sum to 9999 to disable the PATROL check sum validation, or the KM may not load properly.

Example menu structure

The following figure shows the menu structure created by the KM example in Sample KM file for adding a command to ALL_COMPUTERS

 Knowledge Module menu commands 

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